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Since 2007, College Coaching Services has been helping students realize their college dreams. CCS takes a comprehensive, individualized approach to preparing high school, transfer and graduate students for success, utilizing a customized blended learning model that demystifies the college research, preparation and application process. Curriculum is customized to meet each student’s unique needs, helping students and their parents define the desired college experience while effectively ensuring that students develop and submit top-quality applications.

College Graduates

The CCS 15-session package includes assistance in multiple areas, including setting goals, writing a professional resume, identifying campus preferences, developing admission strategies, developing a standardized testing timeline, planning and completing applications, brainstorming essays, securing letters of recommendation, and rehearsing for interviews. College Coaching Services essentially breaks down the application process into manageable steps, reducing stress for both students and their parents.

The result is that students and their families are expertly prepared to navigate and succeed throughout the college admissions process.

College Coaching Services’ blended learning model combines in-person meetings, teleconferences, and Skype consultations to support each student’s unique learning style. As most students are extremely comfortable interacting both online and off-line channels, we strive to serve our students in the best and most convenient way possible based on their individual preferences.

We Also Work With Transfer Students and Graduate School Applicants

In addition to working with high school students, College Coaching Services also assists transfer students attending community college who are interested in transferring to a four-year university, as well as students looking to move from one four-year university to another. With deep knowledge of the requirements and deadlines specific to transfer students, CCS helps make the transition between colleges smooth and stress-free. For students who have completed their undergraduate degree and are interested in pursuing graduate studies, CCS is also adept as guiding students through the unique requirements of graduate school applications.

The college application process is filled with a dizzying amount of details, paperwork, choices, and opportunities. The time-consuming yet necessary route to the university experience, although very rewarding, can also be extremely stressful. College Coaching Services takes the anxiety out of the equation for both students and their families.

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