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Letters: A Primer on Applying to College

The noon bell rings and high school students excitedly file out of their classrooms as they discuss the latest football score and prom dates. It's lunch time in your senior year. You know fifth period is planned after lunch, but do you know what's planned after high school? Are you prepared?

Through an array of college essay drafts, resumes, transcripts and college information, one can barely see into their future. The images of stimulating classes, sororities, fraternities, and dorm style living are clouded with the looming immediate stress of completing college applications . And, today, it's not enough to have to wade through standard college applications; one also must consider the current economic climate. Rising tuitions, declining endowment funds, so fewer scholarships, and lower admission rates contribute to a fear for the future

Yet this fear shouldn't overcome your senior year. A tested method has been developed for reducing stress and ensuring students are accepted into colleges that best meet their needs. It is never too early to begin preparing for college:

  1. Build your academic schedule around college prep classes, study hard to earn top grades, and develop your resume.

  2. In addition to making academics a priority and building your resume, prepare and register for standardized tests

  3. Prioritize prospective colleges and create a timeline for completing each application.

Following these guidelines will help you stay in control of the application process, thus alleviating much of the stress inherent in this process


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