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Time Management & Organizational Skills

Designed specifically to assist college freshmen with achieving goals and developing organizational skills, College Coaching Services offers college freshmen a course in time management.

As an independent educational consultant and owner of College Coaching Services, I have enjoyed empowering young adults to reach their full potential and achieve their college goals for more than a decade. Many of my clients have asked me to continue my positive relationship with students during their first year of college, providing a healthy transition from high school to university life. College freshmen have shared with me difficulties they encounter developing time management strategies, study skills, and utilizing available academic resources on campus, all of which ultimately impact student success.

This feedback is confirmed in the article entitled “Why Students Fail” Faculty's Perspective in Higher Learning Commission, Collection of Papers 2016. Faculty respondents mentioned “Too many students do not know how to study or learn, do not know how to organize their time and set priorities, do not ask for help from their instructors or advisors, and do not use available resources...”

College Coaching Services now offers a program for college freshmen: Time Management & Organizational Skills for Students, designed to individually assist students with the following strategies and discussions:

  • Develop an individualized organizational calendar structure, one that works best for unique needs, including implementing weekly calendar schedules and daily todo lists.

  • Set personal and academic goals; develop steps to achieve these goals.

  • Develop a personalized study schedule around individual activities.

  • Discuss the importance of finding study areas where students can concentrate without interruptions.

  • Encourage students to develop a rapport with college professors, to reinforce the importance of meeting during office hours.

  • Discuss the importance of scheduling frequent meetings with academic advisors.

Experts agree, student GPA’s usually drop a bit in college. Sticking to a study schedule, requesting assistance when needed and remaining diligent about attending classes will set students on the right path. In addition to earning strong grades, developing new interests and friendships, making time to socialize, exercise, and become involved on campus are important aspects of fulfilled, successful students.

CCS’ Time Management & Organizational Skills package consists of seven individually designed Skype sessions, with frequent communication between meetings. Please contact Laurie Cortez via email or phone (805) 722-2485 for more information.


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